Whittingham Riddell (Associate Members)


Telephone No: 01686 626230
Fax No: 01686621116

E-Mail: gm@whittinghamriddellwales.co.uk
Web Sitewww.whittinghamriddell.co.uk

Address 1: Hafren House
Address 2: 5 St Giles Business Park
Town: Newtown
County: Powys
Postcode: SY16 3AJ

Contact Operations: Graham Murphy
Contact Sales: Graham Murphy
Contact General: Graham Murphy

No of Employees: 160

Company History: Whittingham Riddell established in 1899 and is one of the most highly regarded firms of Chartered Accountants in Shropshire and Mid-Wales.  The company have a long standing history with an aim to build on their reputation and continue to develop the comprehensive package of high quality business support in a rapidly changing business environment.

Products: Chartered Accountants with specialist fields ranging from manufacturing to retail, professional, estates, medicine, agriculture, education and law and many more.  Provide sector specific knowledge to anybusiness, regardless of their size,  in respect of tax accounting and financial business.

Markets: All business in Shropshire and Mid-Wales.

Main area of operation: Business support in respect of tax, accounting and finances.

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