Riversimple Movement Ltd

Telephone No: 01584 877555

E-Mail: info@riversimple.com
Web Sitewww.riversimple.com

Address 1: Unit 32
Address 2: Ddole Enterprise Park
Town:Llandrindod Wells
Postcode: LD1 6DF

No of Employees:26

General Enquiries: Jill Parker
Operations Contact: Jeanette Mcfarland

Company History: Riversimple ia a new kind of business, designed from scratch to pursue our purpose: the systematic elimination of the environmental impact of personal transport.  Our aim is mobility at zero cost to the planet.  We've designed a radically new car - which will be available soon.  It emits nothing but a tiny amount of water and will do more than the equivalent of 200 mpg.

We're buildinga fundamentally new form of business system that aligns our interests with our customers' and the environment's.  There's no trade off between profit and purpose.

We love what we're doing and we hope you will too.  We are actively seeking commercial partners and employees.  We're always interested to hear from likeminded pioneering people and companies.

We're just putting the final touches to the car - and we're excited to be coming to our first pilot markets in the UK this year.

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