Polyco Ltd (W Howard Group)

Telephone No:01942 881900

Web Site:www.polycoltd.co.uk

Address 1:Unit F
Address 2:Vastre Enterprise Park
Postcode:SY16 1DZ

Contact Operations: Graham Wiblin - graham.wiblin@polycoltd.co.uk
Contact Sales: Karen Boardman - karen.boardman@whoward.co.uk
Contact General: Simon Fleet - simon.fleet@whoward.co.uk

No of Employees:15

Company History:Polyco was established in 2000 and was purchased by the W Howard Group in 2009. Initially the company started out as a supplier of laminated chipboard windowboards to the UPVC market, but has entered multiple other specialist markets since that point.

Products:Laminated chipboard window boards, veneered and foil, wrapped skirting boards and architraves, foil wrapped glazing beads for internal doors, foil wrapped picture frames, foil and veneer wrapped door frame components.

Markets:Door and door set manufacture, commercial picture framing, timber and buildings merchants, specialist construction product distributers.

Processes:Mouldings of MDF and chipboard, lamination.

General Facilities:Moulding equipment, panel cutting, profile lamination.

Sandards:Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC)

Main area of operation:UK Wide