Confederate Chemicals Ltd

Telephone No: 01686 627158
Fax No: 01686 627580
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Address 1: Mochdre Ind Estate
Town: Newtown
County: Powys
Postcode: SY16 4LE

Contact Operations: John Hextall
Contact Sales: Ian Yarlott
Contact General: Marion Casewell

No of Employees: 10

Company History: Established in 1975 and moved to Newtown in 1979.

Products: Acid and Alkaline Cleaners, Paint strippers - non methylene chloride, machine dish and glass washing detergents and rinse aids, janitorial and licensed trade products, swimming pool and spa bath sanitizers and maintenance chemicals, spa and sauna fragrances.

Markets: Metal finishing to industrial users, catering and hygiene chemicals to wholesalers, swimming pool products to end users via web-site and mail order, "Own label" material to each market segment.

Processes: Powder and liquid chemical blend, mixing and filling Liquids and powders.

Main area of operation: Chemicals

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