Carpenter & Paterson Ltd

Telephone No: 01938 552061
Fax No: 01938 555306
Web Site:

Address 1: Crown Works
Town: Welshpool
County: Powys
Postcode: SY21 7BE

Contact Operations: Jonathan Lee

Contact Sales: Steve Lewis

Contact General: Caroline Emberton

No of Employees: 101

Company History: The company was established in 1956 and has since developed into one of Europe's largest manufacturers of pipe suspension equipment.

Products: Constant and variable spring supports, ancilliary equipment, shock arrestors, steel work fabrication cryogenic pipe supports, PTFE sliders.

Markets: Worldwide

Processes: Welding, machining, drilling, laser cutting, etc.

General Facilities: Welshpool headquarters, agents worldwide.

Standards: BS Eng ISO 9001:2000; Achilles-Norway; ASME III subsection NF (nuclear); FPAL-UK

Main area of operation: Design & Manufacture of pipe support systems for the power generation, petrochemical, oil and gas industries.