Sushma's Food

Telephone No: 01974 831216
Fax: 01974 831216


Address 1: Pencarreg
Address 2: Ystrad Meurig
Town: Ceredigion
Postcode: SY25 6AX

Contact Operations: Sushma Lal
Contact Sales: Sushma Lal
Contact General: Sushma Lal

Company History: After years of very favourable comments from private dinner guests, Sushma decided to test the market in 2009 with a limited range of prepacked Indian dishes under the name of Moghul Food. She has never looked back since.  Sushma also renamed the business Sushma's Food in order to make it more homely and appropriate.

Products: The prepared dishes are not usually found in traditional Indian food outlets with their 'one sauce fits all' philosophy.  Her cooking is strongly influenced by her childhood experiences in North East India and her travels across the subcontinent in later life.  Sample dishes include brown lentil curry, spicy chickpeas, carrots and beetroot curry.  A series of Indian snacks and desserts are also available.

Markets: Local markets and specialised food outlets eg: The Treehouse in Aberystwyth.

Processes: Due to an every increasing emphasis on 'five a day' the aimis to serve vegetarian, vegans and non-vegetarians with tasty vegetables and meals to add to their ordinary meals and enjoy a more balanced diet.

Main area of operation: Supply of ready meals to shops, restaurants and markets.

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