Seens Design Ltd

Telephone No: 01691 610545 or 0208 1338657
Fax No: 0870 7062432


Address 1: 196B Rednal Estate
Address 2: Rednal
Town: Nr Oswestry
Postcode: SY11 4HS

Contact Operations: Phil Common
Contact Sales: Phil Common
Contact General: Phil Common

No of Employees: 2

Company History: Seens is a small, versatile company founded on 15+ years experience of CAD/ CAM modelling, CNC prototyping and small batch production. Seens Design Ltd was founded 7 years ago to produce and market our own unique sculpted products and to offer CNC and CAD/ CAM services to other manufacturers (including photo-realistic rendering of models for presentation and evaluation).

Products: Sculpted wall hung panels, mirror frames, furniture, shop fittings, moulds and formers, etc.

Markets: Retail sector for our own products. Manufacturing sector for sub-contract services.

Processes: CNC routing and CAD/ CAM modelling and programming.

General Facilities: CNC routing on 8 x 4 flatbed machine, 2no.5.5HP spindles

Main area of operation: Design and manufacture of carved surfaces and profiles components using CNC routing technology. 3D design & CAD modelling. Sub-contract component programming & machining in wood-based materials, plastics and composites.