Protocol Control Systems Ltd

Telephone No: 01547 529238
Fax No: 01547 529090


Address 1: Unit 2
Address 2: Knighton Ent Park
Town: Knighton
County: Powys
Postcode: LD7 1HJ

Contact Operations: John Thomas
Contact Sales: John Thomas
Contact General: Lyn Steele

No of Employees:35

Company History: Founded in 1995 as a limited company, three Directors with a strong electrical/engineering background. The company has grown steadily employing local staff and owns 2 factory units.

Products: Electrical control systems, control panels, motor control centres, PLC based control systems, industrial electrical installation.

Markets: Food, Pharmaceutical, Paper, Water, Conveyor, Aerospace.

Processes: Design electrical control systems, Manufacture control panels and motor control centres, Design and programme PLC and Scada based control systems, Site installation, Cabling, Glanding, Terminating, Testing and commissioning, Auto CAD.

General Facilities: Factory, CAD, PLC programming laptops, On-going training, general specifics, Assembly and installation tools, vans.

Standards: ISO 9001:2008, OHSAS 18001:2007

Main area of operation: Electrical.

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