Protherics UK Ltd, a BTG International Group


Telephone No: 01239 851122
Fax No: 01239 858800


Address 1: Blaenwaun
Address 2: Ffostrasol
Town: Llandysul
County: Ceredigion
Postcode: SA44 5JT

Contact Operations: Dr Philip Cater
Contact Sales: Jane Evans
Contact General: Dr Philip Cater

No of Employees: 130 (Wales) 460 Worldwide

Company History: Founded in 1984; listed on London Stock Exchange; merged with Proteus, 1999; acquired by BTG plc in December 2008.

Products: CroFab™ -rattlesnake antivenom; DigiFab™ -digoxin antidote.

Markets: USA and Europe.

Processes: Purifucation of antibodies using specialised scientific techniques.

General Facilities: Clean rooms.

Standards: Licensed by MHRA and FDA.

Main area of operation: Pharmaceutical/biotechnology