Menai Foam and Board Ltd

Telephone No: 01584 879199
Fax No: 01584 879201


Address 1: Site A
Address 2: Ludlow Business Park
Town: Ludlow
County: Shropshire
Postcode: SY8 1XY

Contact Operations: Jason/Tarquin
Contact Sales: Jason
Contact General: Jason/ Tarquin

No of Employees: 16

Company History: A family business established in North Wales in1986. The company has consolidated to one site in Ludlow.

Products: Manufactures of bespoke packaging as well as a range of stock cartons off the shelf. Also bubblewrap, tape, loosefil, bags etc.

Markets: Supply small to medium business/ manufacturers of small quantities to a bespoke size if required. Also manufacturers of foam lined boxes for the electronics industry or for delicate objects. Delivers across mid-Wales, N. Wales, twice a week with our own transport.

General Facilities: Bespoke packaging, manufactured or off the shelf.

Main area of operation: Packaging Services.

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