InSynch Business Services Ltd

Telephone No: 01970 630077
Fax No: 01970 630077
Web Site:

Address 1: 1 North Parade
Postcode: SY23 2JH

Contact Sales: Eddy Webb
Contact General: Eddy Webb
Contact Operations: Eddy Webb

No of Employees: 15

Company History: InSynch Business Services Ltd was formed in 2005 and is a dynamic and innovative company that delivers support services to businesses of all sizes, in both Wales and throughout the UK.

Products: Business Consultancy, Project Management, Website Design, eMarketing, Marketing, Design, Business Training.

Markets: All sectors - public and private.

Processes: Software development.

General Facilities: Room hire, laptop hire, office rental.

Standards: Chartered institute of Marketing (Directors) and Institute of Business Consultants (Directors).

Main area of operation: Wales and UK.