Grants Welding and Fabrication Specialists Ltd

Telephone No:01686 628213

Address 1: Unit 13
Address 2: Vastre Industrial Estate
County: Powys
Postcode: SY16 1DZ

Contact Operations: Nicholas Grant
Contact Sales: Nicholas Grant
Contact General: Nicholas Grant

No of Employees:1

Company History:A small family run business where the director Nick Grant has over 15 years experience in the welding and fabrication industry. Established in 2013 we specialise in the welding and fabrication of various items as well as repairs
and restorations. We pride ourselves on a quick turn around time as well as being highly competitive and cost effective.
We are happy to supply free quotes from CAD drawings or a simple sketch.

Products:Welding, fabrication, restoration, repairs and modifications. Steel stockholders and supply of metal components.

Markets:Various welding techniques and general machining of a variety of metals and alloys. General fabrication of street/garden furniture, bespoke wrought iron work such as gates and railings and minor structural items such as stairs and barriers etc. General repairs such as buckets, forks for the agriculture sector and custom designed items such as display frames, racking, stillages and trolleys for the industrial and commercial sector. We also do pipe welding for general heating and shipping container modifications.Industrial, commercial, agricultural and domestic. Trade and public and sub-contact work. One offs or batch work.

Processes: Mig/tig (ac-dc) and arc welding. Cutting, hole punching, notching, cropping and shearing, drilling,bending, turning, gas and plasma cutting, paint spraying.

General Facilities: Steel stock holders, 3 tonne forklift, workshop and office, customer parking. Galvanising and powder coating service.

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