Cooper Engineering

Telephone No: 01938 559495
Fax No: 01938 555514

Address 1: Unit 8B, Leighton Centre
Address 2: Leighton
Town: Welshpool
County: Powys
Postcode: SY21 8HJ

Contact Operations: Colin Cooper
Contact Sales: Colin Cooper
Contact General: Colin Cooper

No of Employees: 3

Company History: Cooper Engineer is a well established family run company running into its twelfth year. The company has improved services and products and expanded further in the automotive, safety, security industries. We are proud to be associated with Formula 1 teams and Great British car manufacturers such as Aston Martin, Bentley and Jaguar.

Products: Six CNC machines, CNC machining, automotive toolmakers, 3D machining, CAD/CAM, R & D maintenance. Our own designed products are Custom made High end Security Solutions.

Markets: While the majority of Cooper Engineering's customers remain local, the company has recently expanded to include national and international firms and expect to export security equipment as far as Venezuela.

Processes: Sub Contract - Machining, CAD/CAM, General Machining, CNC turning, CNC milling and CMM.

General Facilities: All general and precision engineering equipment.

Standards: See website

Main area of operation: MC Tools, Precision Engineering, Automotive, Autosport, Defence and CNC lathe tooling. R&D Prototyping. Innovative design. Provides a quick and efficient service.