Clayton Wheatway Solutions LLP

Telephone No: 01547 521850
Fax: 01547 520507
Web Site:

Address : Ludlow Road
Town: Knighton
County: Powys
Postcode: LD7 1LP

Contact Operations: Ric Waterson
Contact Sales: Colin Smith,, 07721862347
Contact General: Colin Smith

No of Employees: 6

Company History:Design, manufacture and sales of machinery associated with recycling of aggregates and current product, the first of several planned, isthe SUREMIX SM50 machine, which manufactures hydraulically bound materials from trench arisings.

Products: SUREMIX SM50 Mixng Machine.

Markets: UK and Europe.

Manufacturing Processes Carried Out: Machining, fabrication and weld (up to 5 tonnes, fitting and final assembly.

General Facilites: Design and project management.

Accredited Standards: ISO 9001:2000, TWI Approved Welders and Weld Procedures.

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