Cerion Ltd


Telephone No: 01497 847278
Fax No: 01497 847962
E-Mail: kevin.stephens@cerion.co.uk
Web Sitewww.cerion.co.uk

Address 1: The Old Stables
Address 2: Fedwlydan
Town: Glasbury-on-Wye
County: Hereford
Postcode: HR3 5ND

Contact Operations: Kevin Stephens

Contact Sales: Kevin Stephens

Contact General: Kevin Stephens

No of Employees: 2

Company History: Started in autumn 2001, based on a successful formula of tailored business software. We now provide independent consultancy services as well.

Products: Software supporting business processes, tailored to meet the individual need of the client.

Markets: Small and medium sized businesses across the UK.

Standards: TMB-Technology Means Business.

Main area of operation: Computer Software.